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Dailyleech guaranteed you an incredibly fast download speed for all the hosters in Premium mode. Speeds Up to 100Mbps to 1Gbps Servers and Connections ;-)


Having to pay many different hosters can quickly become very costly. Dailyleech offers a lowest prices than the majority of file hosters while still offering more features and hosters

Supported Host

Dailyleech Supports 45+ Host so that you can download your files without any restrictions, no matter where they are Hosted Even Host Like UpStore, FileParadox, K2S & much more


The quality of our service has always been our priority. Every day, our teams work to the proper functioning of services and provides a quality of service that meets your expectations.


Daiyleech is a unrestricted downloader that allows you to retrieve files instantly, with the advantages of a premium account � at full speed and no wait time. We offer this service to both free and premium members. Users can make use and take advantage of our service without worrying which premium account to buy, as at times you may be intending to download from multiple file hosts. With just a single account at Dailyleech, you gain the ability to download from most file hosting services on the Internet!